Mommy Love

A mother's love is something so indescribable. Sometimes I can't even handle the overflowing in my heart for my little man. I stare at him amazed that he's mine and joyful that I get to spend his first year at home with him. Elias is just so fun to get to know.

God has blessed me with the best little baby in the whole world. The most beautiful part about it is that just about every parent in the world would disagree with me. I love that. It is wonderful knowing that this kind of love is being felt all over the world.

My heart is forever changed.


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  1. What a cutie! I can't wait till I get to feel that overwhelming love when I have a baby!
    Also, third picture down... are you kidding me, melts my heart. Please send it to me! ... and the first one.. wait and the last one. Send me them ALL!

    Aunt Erica


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