DIY Wet Bag

I had a minor snag in my wet bag creation in that my sewing machine had a hissy fit on me. I managed to kick it back in to shape (thankfully not literally) and I sewed myself a wet bag to bring with Elias on the go!

I debated doing a full DIY on how I made this bag, but there are so many better tutorials out there and I'm not a pro sewer. (Just Google "Wet Bag DIY") I will tell you a few tips on how I made mine though!

I bought material that is used for making cloth diapers. This way I didn't have to do any fancy liner or insert (I like to keep it simple). The zipper was something that came in a big bag of sewing material from my Aunt so I already had it on hand (yes it even happened to match). I cut a large rectangle out of the material and folded it in half so I only had to sew the two sides.

I made the bag just a little bit longer than the zipper that I had. I sewed it in using the zipper foot on my sewing machine with nothing fancy about it.

I had some black strap-type material and I folded the end corner a bit so I could attach it. This way I can hang the bag if necessary.

That's about it- a big rectangle bag to hold dirty diapers- WOO! But I honestly love it and am so proud that I made something practical and very useful.


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  1. Love it! I am so excited to make one! Fabric land has a sale this weekend so I'm hoping to get out there. I've never done zippers before so it'll be interesting.

    1. Oooo yay! Let me know how it goes! I had never done a zipper before either but it was easier than I thought! Let me know if I can help! =)

  2. woo! it looks awesome! : ) even better in pictures than it looked on skype!


  3. very nice..Looking good.Trying to send message on Erica blog.Is there something different...Will not let me Help

    1. Should be the exact same thing. Just click where it says "comments" and do the same thing! :)

  4. Well done Melanie, you're so clever! I love the colour you used for it :)


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