Dollar Store Organization

Today I did the simplest organization and it felt so good to get it done for about $8!

There were a couple blog posts that inspired me for this idea. Jen from iHeart Organizing shared the following picture and post which I LOVED... but I don't have a Cameo and I haven't been able to find really cheap acrylic dividers.

I also loved Kate from Centsational Girl's post here and her awesome use of a kitchen utensil drawer divider. She made it fit so perfectly in her drawer though and I don't really think I have the time and energy to make this happen.

...and so enters my cheap and lazy way to achieve the same result.

Let's start with a scary "before" of my drawer in the bathroom.

Yes, it really did look like this on a regular basis... yuck.

Then of course you need a supportive little helper!

Next you will need a bunch of clear plastic containers from Dollarama:

I just went through everything in my drawers and took things out of make-up bags and rearranged and came up with the following:

With space to spare! I just LOVE it! (Yes that is my retainer case- I still wear it!) I have to say as well that all the containers just happened to fit perfectly in there. I always hate when bloggers say "it just all worked out la-di-da," but it really is exciting when it happens! I was ready to sticky-tack the containers down so they wouldn't slide around. but they don't really move. I would recommend that if you don't have a configuration that works.

So there you have it, cheap clear plastic to give the illusion of acrylic. Amazing! I'm also debating about lining the drawer with a pretty fabric or something so you can see it through the bottoms, what do you think?


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  1. With a cute helper like that it is amazing the things you can do!
    Love the look and especially love the helper :)

  2. Turned out awesome! You know me, I love organizing so I love this blog. I definitely think that you should line the draw with some cute fabric! I think it would just make the space all that better!

    p.s love the handy dandy little helper, seriously how cute is he!

  3. Looks great!! I have to try something like this. My drawer must be completely pulled apart and reorganized every 6 months or so because I just throw everything in together! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. I love it when things just work! Looks great too :)


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