31 Days to Friendship with Jesus

I've gone back and forth several times both about whether or not I would write this post and how. I finally decided that, yes, I would, and "how" would just come as I type each new word.

I've decided to participate in the "31 Days" series hosted by The Nester. It means I am committing to posting everyday this month on the same subject. I really wasn't even thinking about doing a "religious" topic, but somehow here I am. I will try to tell you a bit about how I got here and what to expect this month.

Ever since I learned what the love of a parent feels like I have had an acute awareness that I do not truly understand at all just how much my Father in Heaven loves me. How could I? It's got to be a whole lot if it's even a little more than I love my little Elias.

John 3:16  For God so loved the world,that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life."

So, ya, I guess you could say he loves me (and you!) a LOT. 

Coming to this realization also made it clear to me that I am missing something in my love for Him. I should love Him above all others, and while I want this so badly, I don't feel as incredibly passionately about Him as I do about my husband and son (for example). I know that I should, I know I want to, but the part that I realized was missing is in nurturing that friendship with Him. The answering of the question, "How am I acknowledging His great love on a daily basis?"

I call myself a believer and I say "I love Jesus," but I don't really feel like we are friends- not like my other friends (I know of course that is has to be a bit different.). I know that this lack of true friendship is on me, not him. He is sitting with his door open waiting to build a close friendship with me. It seems to me that I (and many others I dare to wager) put Jesus in a very separate box than other friends. I don't spend the same quality time with him. I don't usually invite him along when I hang out with other friends; and I don't spend the time I should really getting to know him. I've decided I want to spend the next 31 days working at building this friendship and I thought I would take you along for the journey.

This doesn't mean just bible reading (although that is a big part), it means doing things that friends do, sharing common interests, spending time together and learning about one another. There will still be Elias pictures (common interests ;) ), and I will probably still share some projects I'm working on, but my focus will be different.

Tomorrow I will share the first step I'm taking in this month-long journey. I hope you will join me!

*Of course I know that this journey isn't something to simply do in 31 days and be done with, but for the purposes of this series I will focus on my next 31 days.

*** You can see all the posts in this series here.***


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