31 Days to Friendship with Jesus Day 31

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Overview and Freebie

This past month I focused on building a friendship with Jesus. I told him a joke, I shared what I'm thankful for, I celebrated my great blessing Elias with him,  I worked on forgiveness, I thought about the kind of wife he wants me to be, I learned the importance of trusting in his timing,  and I tried to make sure I was getting to know the real Him among many other posts that you can read by clicking here.

I had such a fun time thinking about this each day, even if I wasn't always the best at posting at consistent times! What did you think of the series?

I'm also looking forward to posting a few more pictures in the coming weeks and days. I really slacked off when it came to adding photos to my posts. To try to make up for it, I made this really simple 8X10 FREE printable from the quote I shared on Day 25. I was just going to make it for myself and print it for Elias' room, but I thought maybe someone else would like to have it too. 

Click here to download!

Happy Halloween and I hope you had a fantastic October!


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