31 Days: Day 30

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Losing steam...

As I've come to the end of the month I feel like I've lost a bit of steam with my blog posts. At the same time I feel like I am just so much more focused on this topic and of taking my faith life more seriously. When it comes to taking time each day to work on this relationship I can't and won't lose steam. I share this because sometimes it's easy to lose steam or to forget that I need this relationship when things are going great. I hope that for those who know me (and even those who don't!) that you will call me on it when you can see that my focus is way off.

As time goes on I might blog and share more tidbits again on how things are going, but I hope you have enjoyed this process. The next and final post will be a more fun one so I wanted to just thank you for coming along this month.

Things will be a bit more "normal" around this blog starting in November (when my baby has his HALF birthday)!

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