Elias is 7 Months Old!

Happy 7 months my little boy. You are growing so fast now. You are eating real food and love cereal and you aren't really sure about the other foods but you eat them anyway. You eat a LOT. I can't believe how much you are eating at each meal. I love it because you are finally getting a bit more chubby which is so cute. You are sleeping 10-12 hours every night now too, which is great for mommy. You are also SO close to crawling but aren't quite there. You push up and then flop down and flail your arms and legs like you are swimming really fast. I feel like when you start crawling you are just going to take off. You like to play by yourself which is so fun and cute to watch. Mommy and daddy also love playing with you and so does the rest of your family. Your first tooth poked through this month which was very exciting. Teething doesn't seem to be bothering you too much, but then again, not much does! You are smiling and happy almost all the time. You say mama and dada very often which melts our hearts - it is the sweetest sound. We love you more and more each day and are enjoying getting to know your joyful personality.

And of course the outtakes!


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  1. Such a happy little boy :) I hope you're planning on having 15 more, you make the cutest babies on the planet!!


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