Updated with Burlap!

After making several changes to Elias' nursery I decided that my bright "+" and "=" didn't really fit in. The rest of the colours were much lighter or more muted (like his mobile, pinwheels and hoop art). So I decided to do the small canvases over again. 

First I thought Mod Podging some white tissue paper might help to make the colours a little bit less bright.... 


...but then I thought it looked more like I smeared hand cream all over it... Eww...

So in came some burlap and polka dot fabric (I love polka dots!)

I cut the polka dot fabric into approx. 2cm wide strips..

Then I attached burlap to the canvases with a hot glue gun.

And cut slits into the burlap to weave the polka dot fabric through and Voila!

So simple, but much sweeter!

*Sorry for all the dark pictures- with winter here I only have so many hours of sunlight and those are generally spent with my little man!

Eventually I will show you the nursery all put together because there are some cute details I've been hiding in the background but I still have a few more things to do before a whole room peek!

I really love the change, now I may need to do something about those black letters...

What do you think? Did you like it better before? Are you a huge burlap fan like me?


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  1. They look great! I'm such a sucker for anything burlap :)


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