Elias' 10 Month Update

This month I got a total of two pictures of Elias on his back. He was NOT having it. Below is the best of the two but there are obviously a few issues with it. I had no one around during the day to help me capture this so you will just have to laugh at the outtakes and imagine my afternoon...

My sweet little baby boy. You make your daddy and I laugh all the time. You are SO funny! You are now quite certain you can talk and your babbling has gone from a few syllables to something that I would swear is real words, just in a language we don't understand. You crawl all over the place and FAST too. You are pulling yourself up on things and love playing while sitting on your knees. You also want to walk and you are pulling yourself up and getting us to help you walk around. You think it's funny to fill my laundry basket with your toys while I'm folding and I toss them out and they reappear so quickly. You are curious but always listen to mommy and daddy when we ask you to stop doing something. You love feeding yourself, especially bananas and cheese. You LOVE to dance. It's so funny and so cute. Any beat will make you bop, even the noise of the keys while I typed this post had you grooving. You love when we say prayers each night, sometimes I even think that you notice when I haven't done it and I'm walking you to your crib because you make a fuss. I say a prayer and you almost always go down without a fuss at all. As your personality shines more and more each month there is so much to share that I can't think of it all. You are a true JoY to parent and I love you so much.

I can't believe how much you have grown! You are LONG and lean! (95th percentile for height and 25th for weight.) Such a big boy now! You also just got a big boy hair cut. It looks just like daddy's and you look about 3... such a big boy!

Here are some fun outtakes...

Caption contest anyone? Or "Who/what is he looking at?" contest.


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  1. Oh man I can only imagine how your day went getting this shot. I actually LOVE every single one of the outtakes!

    EEEEK I just love him!

    1. Thanks pretty auntie! It would have had you in stitches watching me! ;)

  2. just such a beautiful boy...He has such a beautiful smile.Aunt Denise

  3. I can't believe he is 10 months old already! Seems you just ran the 9-month post! Where does the time go?
    He is so precious!

    1. I know! So fast it's unbelievable! :) Thank you! xo

  4. Caption
    You mean thats my treat for doing this!!!!

    Love all the pics
    papa t

    1. Hahaha nice one! Ya he really didn't get much for doing it- except we both got a few laughs. I swear he has a sense of humour. He was laughing at me the whole way through like "Silly mommy, I'm not staying put, this is way more fun!"

  5. Hi Melanie,

    Even the outtakes are precious. I love the one of him sitting on his feet. I don't have any grandchildren, and following Elias' progress makes me feel like a virtual grandma! Thank you!



    1. Aww, thank you so much Carole. I'm so glad you are enjoying his updates. We are happy to have you as a virtual grandma! ;)


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