Our Love Story: Part V

Jetty came to visit me in Moncton and it was so much fun. Things were natural between us. It felt like we had been together for a long time. We were in love and we had only just been reunited in person. Building that love and friendship from a distance had been special. It had helped me to focus on learning about Jetty and getting to know him again without the distraction of fun activities to keep us from really sharing our hearts.

Of course that didn't solve the problem of us living so far apart. Jetty had come to visit and things were great, but then he had to go home and I had to stay. I had work and he had school. Fortunately for me, work brought me to Ontario for a few days to see him and he came back out to see me in the fall, but being so far apart was challenging. When you only have snippets of time together it's easy for them to be perfect and I wanted to know if this really was as wonderful as it seemed to be.

I had actually been talking to a good friend of mine about going with her to London, ON. She was there for a post grad and we had lived together during our undergrad (we also lived across the street from each other in high school). My contract for work only took me to Christmas so I decided that after that I would go live with her. It would only be an hour or so from Jetty and we could finally see each other without getting on a plane. Also, I would get to live with my wonderful friend again.

I had no job when I moved and it took a while for me to find one. Even still I felt like that is exactly where I should be. I was near my high school friends again, I was near Jetty and it was fun! I even met a girl at church that I had known from a Catholic youth retreat during high school. It was awesome to see another familiar face in a city I had never lived in.

Jetty and I had a few ups and downs while I was out in Ontario, mostly when we discussed our faith and the challenges that might come from me being Catholic and Jetty, well, not. We worked through them though and even when we didn't have all the answers we knew this was just "right". God had made us and shaped us so we were wonderful compliments to each other.

Then one day, a week shy of a year since he had come to visit me out east for the first time, on a beach *after* sunset ... he proposed...

You can read our full engagement story here.

I also shared some of our love story in pictures here, but hadn't shared our wedding one yet, so here it is below,

No, I'm not an artist, but I love crayons. ;)

So for those of you hanging in suspense, yes, we did get married (You can read more about our wedding here)! I fall more in love every day. It's fun to say I knew Jetty in high school, but I am always quick to tell people that we were not high school sweethearts. I thank God so often that he gave me the wisdom to trust in him when it would have been easier to follow my broken heart. 

God's plan is greater than our own...

"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."  - (Jeremiah 29:11)



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  1. Hooray! I love happy endings ;)

    And that is such a comforting bible verse. Thank you for sharing, it and your story!

    1. Thank you Amanda! I love that verse as well. So glad you enjoyed the story- I was happy to tell it! :)

  2. Yay, and they lived happily ever after <3
    You have inspired me to write my love story !

  3. Such a beautiful and inspiring love story, thanks so much for sharing it! I just assumed that Jetty was always a Catholic too. Do you both go to church together now? Sean and I (even after being married for almost 5 years) still don't agree on religion. I love to think that one day he will trust in God like I do. Thanks again for sharing xxoo

    1. Thank you Tamsyn! It was fun to share. Jetty grew up in a Free Methodist church so he still has a strong faith. We just have different views on some things. I think it can (and is) definitely a challenge when we have a different faith or religion than our spouse. Jetty and I struggle with our beliefs on some things but we do go to church together. I find it difficult because discussions can easily become arguments but I know they are important to have. I will definitely keep you and your hubby in my prayers. xox


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