Regular Scarf to Infinity Scarf in One Easy Step

So I just attacked all the scarves in my closet when I discovered this simple trick to make my scarves infinity scarves. I thought I was the most brilliant person ever to think of this first and then my friend Google told me I'm not...

Just in case, like me, you have been in the dark about this trick. I will share how I fixed up all my scarves.

Ready for it?

I tied the ends together! I'm not even going to bore you with a tutorial. The ends of most of my scarves have "strings" I tied them together...

For the striped one I only tied the edges because I like still being able to see the "tassels" and the blue one (below) I tied it in the middle too because I prefer not seeing them with the longer scarf.

I also have a big knit scarf that I simply overhand stitched the two ends together. Since it's big and knit I didn't worry too much about making it perfect because you can't tell. Want to see some before and afters?

Now, I know you can tuck the ends of your scarf in to achieve a similar feel, but mine always come poking out. Especially when my little guy is grabbing them. And with the knit one I can't pull it tight to keep me warm without the ends popping out.

What do you think? Will you be trying this? Any other super simple tricks you know that I have been missing out on?


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  1. That looks awesome! You've totally inspired me to revamp some of mine!

  2. Excellent idea! How do you organize your scarves Melanie? I used the Pinterest idea with the shower curtain hooks and a clothes hanger. So easy and it really helps keep them hung nice in your closet.

    1. Ooo great idea! I think I pinned it way back but haven't done it yet. I will definitely have to try. Thanks for the reminder! :)

  3. I never thought I was a "scarf person" until this year when I discovered the magic of the infinity scarf. And now I'm hooked! But there have been many a scarf that I loved and didn't buy because it wasn't a loop. It wasn't until I was in Thailand and fell in love with a hand-woven "regular" scarf that I realized, "Dude! Just tie the ends together!" (Yah, I talk to myself sometimes :) I'm glad I'm not the only one who just realized this :)

    1. Hahaha great minds ;)
      The infinity scarf is awesome for sure. So much simpler and looks great! I hope to see some of your Thailand scarves!


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