Our Love Story: Part III

When high school was over, Jetty and I went our separate ways. I headed out east to Halifax for school and Jetty stayed in Ontario. Since my family was also moving out east with me I didn't really have a reason to go back very much. Holidays were spent in Moncton, NB. (After high school my whole family moved back to the east coast. I didn't even spend that summer in Ontario with all my friends). My boyfriend and one of my best friends also moved out east for school so I didn't have big plans to return to Ontario often.

Jetty and I at my "Going Away" party.
Yes, someone photo bombed the picture but I didn't want to include him without permission.

Throughout first year university Jetty and I actually chatted quite a bit. I sent him a birthday card and a letter or two and he would write to me sometimes too. We stayed close friends but I remember thinking that he probably wasn't someone I could see myself dating anymore. Plus, despite thinking things would end with my high school boyfriend when we were away at school, we ended up staying together and being closer than ever.

Toga party when I was home for high school graduation (which took place in October after high school... don't ask.) 

Then the summer after my second year happened.

Things ended in a sad and messy way with my high school boyfriend. I was living in Ontario for the summer for a co-op placement and spent lots of weekends back in my high school hometown (leaving lots of opportunity for high school drama to take place).

I saw Jetty a couple of times that summer and we talked a bit. At one point he said something that was perhaps too friendly in an email and his girlfriend saw it (yes, the same one from high school). Without any explanation or goodbye, he completely disappeared. I found out not long after that he promised her he wouldn't talk to me anymore- I was erased from his life. I was mad... looking back now my anger wasn't really justified (well I guess I would have preferred he tell me rather than disappear) but he was doing the right thing and focusing on his current girlfriend rather than spending time talking to another girl. I sent him a scathing email that in essence said "I'll never talk to you again anyway- good riddance!(!!)" Really Christian of me- I know... I guess you could say I was in a place where my relationship with God had fallen pretty low in my priorities list. I think at the time I thought it was much better than it was, but looking back I was lost.

And that was it... for 2 whole years we had no interaction with each other whatsoever...



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  1. leave me on the edge again.

    1. Hahaha - yup! I can't help it, it's fun this way. Gotta keep you coming back somehow ;) ;)

  2. Love a good love story ;) Love this! I wanted to let you know I nominated you for a Liebster award! Here's the link: http://thegrayhouseontheleft.blogspot.com/2013/03/look-who-got-nominated.html

    1. Thanks so much! It might take me until next week to tackle my post for this, but I'm so honoured! :) Thank you again! :)


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