Ikea Rast Hack

I am so excited to share this project with you today. I finally (and I mean finally- like over a year overdue) finished our nightstands. I wanted to try my hand at an Ikea Rast hack. I thought they would make the perfect bedside tables and I loved some of the ones I had seen online. You can see a few of my favourites on Pinterest here.

I thought a lot about making an exact imitation of the one from Little House Blog because they are beautiful, but I thought maybe our stark white headboard would compete a bit too much. Then I saw they idea of covering them with fabric and I knew I would find a way to mesh the two. I opted for a stained and fabric covered look.

I also was seriously considering the loop pulls, but I wanted to be as economical as possible and found these brass ones for $30 for 12 at Home Hardware. I actually love how they look. They tie in with the other brass that's in our room really well.

We had been using ours as-is without knobs on them for over a year and my impeding return to work was just what I needed to get my butt in gear and finish these off.

Ikea Rast (X2)
Stain (I used Minwax Dark Walnut)
Fabric (From Fabricville)
Brass Knobs (Home Hardware- Brass Knobs $20 for a pack of ten and $4 individually)
Polycrylic Finish
Staple Gun
Glue Gun

I simply followed directions to stain it and then stapled the fabric on nice and tight. I needed to use the glue gun to glue the fabric down on the sides of the drawer so it wouldn't get caught when opening and closing the drawer. I put the finish only on the wood part, but you could do it over the fabric as well.

Here are a few more pictures up close!

I honestly love how they turned out!

What do you think?

Have you ever tried an Ikea hack?


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  1. I just LOVE them!
    I can't wait to do this! I love that you used fabric to cover them, it's such a good idea to make it customizable to whatever room they are in! Brilliant! : ) XO

  2. you are just so talented!!!

  3. Awesome job! An Ikea Rast hack has been on my to-do list as well - yours are amazing!

  4. These look incredible! So elegant!


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