Laundry Room Shelf Ruffle

So, I did it again. I added a ruffle to our laundry room shelf. This time I opted for something bright and cheerful because our laundry room (which is actually a laundry room/bathroom in this house) has zero windows and gets just about zero natural light. (Sometimes light from the adjoining room sneaks in a little bit.)

You might remember my original burlap ruffle post here and when I spruced up the space here. If not, let me remind you what our old laundry room looked like:

(So glad I have a new camera...)

I decided to try something different than burlap this time, but I used the exact same method to sew my new ruffle "skirt". The only difference this time was the material needed to be hemmed and I didn't hem the burlap because I liked the frayed look with that material.

I had the most challenging time trying to get the colours to look true to real life since there is no natural light to help me out. I think the last picture below is the best I can do. The hot pink is super bright and the colours add so much fun to a space I don't usually like to hang out in.

Here is the space before:

And after:

Yes, that rock picture still needs to be hung. I probably wouldn't buy it for this space, but since we already have it, I think it works well in the downstairs bathroom.

Any quick fixes make a huge difference for you lately?

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  1. Woah! What an improvement! Crazy how something so simple can completely change the room!

    I am excited to see it in real life! You make me so excited to have my own house so I can do these things!


  2. Woah! That really is cheery! Well done!


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