Thompsons make just the sweetest kiddos... (yes I am incredibly biased)..but really- have a look for yourself!

We had Elias' cousins come for a visit last month and watching the 4 (the youngest little and only little girl was in the stroller during park time) of them play together was adorable. Grandma and Papa T. came along with Aunt Tammy and it was so wonderful to catch up with everyone. 

I took just way too many pictures while they were visiting so I'm only sharing a few of our day at the park here. We are seriously excited for the kiddos and their parents to come back later this summer. There is nothing like the friendship between siblings (so we are so excited to have ours come visit!) except the friendship between cousins which is often just as strong. There is something seriously special about built in best friends that you don't have to live with and share everything with. ;)

Missing all our fam jam from the west(ish)! xo

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