First Love, True Love

I'm kind of working my way backwards from Elias' birthday to share a bit about what we have been up to the past month or so. I have a cousin visit that I still need to share-  so much Thompson cute all in one room!

Today though, I wanted to share pictures of Elias and his future know... if I got to arrange his marriage...

Let me just say that hanging out with your best friend since you were about 13 and both of your BABIES is about the sweetest things that you ever could do. I'm so blessed to have my wonderful friend Marja in my life and sharing the experience of motherhood with her is just so cool. She has an adorable little daughter, Lyla, who I seriously wanted to smother with kisses the whole time she was visiting.

I really hope that she and Elias can be friends as they grow older and I pray Elias finds friends in his life that are as wonderful as my friend Marja.

Here is a little look at how the little ones spent their time together...

"Hey there handsome."
"Oh hello beautiful."

"Well this isn't at all what I thought they meant when they said a romantic swing in the park. I can't even hold your hand!"
"He is dreamy!"
"I hope she likes me!" 

"So, about those leafs..."

"Should I just try the fake yawn? Hold her hand? Why are you all staring at me?"

"Hey hold my hand silly!"

"Ok fine, I'll just hold yours!"

"Elias, you are one smooth guy. The yawn works every time."
"Oh my! I think his arm is around me!"

"Story time Lyla!"

"Guys, I can't read..."

"Ahh neither can she, I'll just make something up."
"Uh, excuse me, I can too read! Watch."

"Oh my, these are some seriously big words, let's just look at the pictures and pretend so our crazy mothers stop taking pictures."


 To Be Continued...


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