Dance Machine

Elias loves to dance... No matter what kind of music comes on or even if someone is just tapping their foot he dances along to the beat. Recently Jetty captured an adorable video of him in action. I can't help laughing ever time I watch.

If you missed the short Instagram dance video earlier here it is too. Demonstrating his excellent shoulder roll and foot stomping.

 Is it strange that I picture him in high school being the sweet boy who invites the girls who never get asked to dance out on the dance floor and sweeps them off their feet? Making them feel special...being the guy who plays hockey with the best of them but also knows that a twirl and a dip are the ways to a girls heart.

My sweet little boy- what kind of man will you be?

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  1. So cute! Man!He's got the beat!

  2. I really like to think I taught him all he knows about dancing ;) .. Am I right!?


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