Tiny footsteps

Our little Elias is finally walking... kind of... He can do it, it's just that generally he refuses. He runs around holding on to chairs or pushing things, but when it comes to doing it solo he usually has to be enticed with a ball. It's so funny that at 11 days old he was rolling over and yet here we are at 14 months old and he still doesn't want to walk on his own. I'm not worried, I know he will do it on his own time and it's so sweet to watch him try.

Little footprints on the beach... by @melanieathomp

When we were at the Canada Day concert on Monday, he insisted on pushing his stroller all through the park (he holds and pushes the basket) and walking right up near the stage to watch the music (while holding mommy's hand). He LOVES music and stomps his feet along to it while shaking his hips. I will try to catch a good snippet of it on video. He also says, ball, happy, hat, up, milk, amen, mama, dada, Eli and banana (manana). He's getting really good at repeating so he says other words sometimes too.

I am just so in love with this little guy. He's funny beyond belief and I think he's an actual comedian. He LOVES making us laugh and does the silliest things to get us to. He blows kisses and gives the sweetest hugs that make my heart melt.


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