Being a Mother

It's so crazy to think about all that being a mom means to me. Getting ready to add baby number two to the mix is exciting and just makes me so extra grateful at the opportunity to be a mother. Just the other day I completed a simple survey for my cousin who is doing research about the experiences of being a mother. In completing the survey I had the chance to reflect on how I perceive being a mom and the relationship I have with Elias. It's a fun exercise and gave me a chance to think about how I want Elias to see me:

Fun, energetic, loving and kind.

Imagine one day he described me with those words? What a wonderful goal!

Fellow Canadian moms, I would love if you could help my cousin and her colleague out by filling out the surveys below. They were super quick for me to complete and I think you will not only help her but have the chance to reflect on being a mommy.

From my cousin:

The purpose of the Canadian Survey on Parenthood in Modern Contexts is to better understand the experience of being a mother in today’s evolving family, as well as the ways in which different types of parents are perceived in today’s society. We would like to hear from biological, step, and adoptive parents, including hetero and homosexual married, single, divorced, widowed, cohabiting, and remarried parents. We aim to be nationally representative of all marital and parental statuses and ethnic backgrounds. If you are interested in participating, we would really apprecaite it! Please visit the following links:
If you are a mother, please share your experience of motherhood here.
If you are a mother or father, please share your perceptions on different types of parents here.
You can read a bit more about the surveys over at Life, for Instance. 


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