Progress in Elias' Big Boy Room

I have been working away at Elias' big boy room for a while now. I've been really excited to share, but wanted to get it looking at least somewhat finished before I did. I was trying to do an industrial/rustic theme with sports thrown in there. Let me know if you think I pulled it off! It needs some more pictures for the walls, paint for the dreseser and some more pillows for the bed and a few little details, but here's his room so far!

I used the frame from Elias' first birthday to frame the "E" that was in his baby room. You can see more about the frame here.

The lamp is one that I had when I was younger and totally fit with the industrial feel I was going for in this room.

I found old apple baskets on Kijiji and we drilled them right into the wall. The one on the far right holds Jetty and my teddy bears from when we were little and the one on the left holds Elias' teddy.

I wanted to make sure there were sports incorporated into the room and these sheets my parents found were just perfect! The duvet and cover were on sale at Superstore for around $30 (they also came with a sheet set). 

Jetty's desk from childhood is in the room and Elias' giant bear sits there sometimes. We also put one of our new kitchen chairs up there for now since we bought 8 of them recently and don't need them all in the kitchen all the time. You also can't see it here, but we put sports knobs on the desk drawers on the left! You can see them on the Instagram post below.

I had an older set of beige curtains from a family member and I bought burlap and sewed stripes onto them making them a bit more rustic and fitting with the feel I was going for in his room.

At the end of the bed I created a small reading nook because we love to read books on the floor but I'm finding it more uncomfortable without pillows and blankets. Elias loves sitting here and reading through his books. In the very corner is a smaller apple basket that holds some of Eli's other stuffed animals.

I want a different rug for this nook, but I had this one already from my room when I was younger and it works for now!

What do you think of the room so far? Any ideas to help finish it up? Looking forward to sharing a bit more of what Elias thinks of it and the transition process from baby room soon!

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  1. Love the apple crates on the wall! Such a cute space!

  2. Love it! The reading nook is such a great idea and looks so comfy, too. We had the same sports sheets for our little guy. Such fun! Absolutely adore the NO MONSTERS ALLOWED sign. Good job, mama Mel!


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