Henry Three Months

My little guy is three months old! He has changed so much in the last month. So many big smiles and the sweetest coos where he puckers his lips and calls out. He has been sleeping through the night almost since he was two months old. I am so grateful for full nights of sleep. Henry also demands attention, which I love. If i put him down to do something he calls out until I come back and rewards me with the biggest smiles. He really doesn't like being laid or leaned on his back and will struggle to sit himself up. He is super strong and great at weaseling his hand into his mouth and loves sucking his thumb. It's so funny to watch him while sucking his thumb because when he does he will grab a fist full of his hair at the same time and rub the back of his head. I love watching Henry and Elias interact. Henry puts up with lots of pokes and prods and hugs and kisses and I know he will adore his big brother.


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