Henry Five Months

My sweet little Henry, you have the most wonderful smile that lights up your whole face. I just love making you smile and in turn it makes everyone around smile with you. You want to be in on the action always and insist on being within view of Elias when he's around. You sleep much less than your big brother did, and I can see ways that you are just trying to keep up with him already. You have grown so much in the last month and you put everything in your mouth to chew on so I think that we might see some teeth before your six month update! You grab at your soother and stick it in your mouth and you love pushing yourself all over the floor. You are growing so fast!

I love being your mommy and spending time hanging out with you and your brother. I also love our alone minutes while Elias is sleeping. You bring me so much joy everyday!

Some outtakes!


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