Henry Seven Months

My sweet little Henry. You are over a half a year old and it feels so fast! You are enjoying so many new things this month! You are enjoying some of your solid foods, but really prefer milk. You still love sucking your thumb but almost always only when you are tired. You have so much fun playing with your big brother, especially now that you can get at his toys. You love watching him acting silly and even though he knocks you over like ALL the time. You still smile super big when he comes in the room. You have such a fun personality and make me laugh all the time. You are a chatterbox and I think you really can't wait to tell us stories. You want to get your hands on everything and you are SO quick that you are often knocking things over. You definitely love your mama but enjoying playing with the rest of the family as long as you are fed and well rested. I think you started doing some more serious teething this month but you still sleep pretty well. You are a wonderful, joyful addition to our family and we love you to pieces! 

Instead of outtakes this month, here's a look at Elias' progress at 7 months too! He had definitely started to chub up at this point!


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