Henry Eight Months

Well, Henry is almost 9 months old and I'm finally posting his 8 month picture and update. Blogging just hasn't been on my radar that much lately but I do want to get back to it more regularly in the new year. Back to Henry for now though.

Henry you are changing so quickly. You have an adorable personality that I just love. You put EVERYTHING in your mouth and I'm almost constantly fishing things out of there for you. It's definitely helping me to keep cleaner floors though. You do the sweetest army crawl everywhere and I don't think you like normal crawling at all. You are FAST though. So fast. You are also sneaky already. As soon as you are determined to get something in your mouth even if I call your name you won't turn because you know I will take it from you. When I walk over to get something out of your hand you start crawling away as fast as you can. You have the sweetest laugh and Elias can really make you laugh hard. You also love pulling my hair (to try to get it in your mouth). You need so little sleep to function and will often skip your morning nap and then have a shorter afternoon nap than your brother. It blows my mind but I think will serve you well. You almost never get cranky so I think you really do just need less sleep. You are also sleeping so well at night now which I am enjoying. We are all enjoying every moment of watching you grow and you are such a beautiful blessing to our family.


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