Henry Nine Months

Henry, you are growing into such a little boy! You have started to crawl normally but will still often revert to the army crawl. You pull yourself upright on your knees to reach for things all the time. It is so fun to watch you motor around and play. Usually you like to stay close to mommy though and I can't say that I mind one bit. I love our snuggles and making you giggle. You put up with a lot from your brother and rarely complain when he is pushing you around or giving you big squeeze hugs. We are pretty sure we have heard you saying a few words like "mama, dada, up and done" but it's hard to be sure whether or not it was a coincidence and you definitely don't do it every time. You also have two teeth and are seriously working on some others. Watching you grow is so incredibly fun and every month it feels like we get to know you so much better. I just love you so much and treasure our time together....even some sleepless nights.

Finally some outtakes again... it was a rough shoot!


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