"Deep Sleep"

You know that feeling right before you wake up? When you are half in this world and half in another?

I know I do my best to hold onto that feeling… maybe that’s why I hit snooze about 4 times (no make that 5 times this morning) before finally getting out of bed.
There is something peaceful about being wrapped up in blankets in a warm safe place.

I think that maybe when we are asleep our souls are in their natural state. And I think their natural state is with God. Without the ‘real world’ pushing in on us, we can be at perfect peace. Deep down a part of us knows where we belong and we are quick to jump there when our brains and our bodies aren’t pushing us in a multitude of other directions.
Can you imagine carrying that feeling around all day? When I think about the fact that, that is exactly what God wants for me, and is exactly what he has offered me through Jesus, I get glimpses of that feeling…and some days I am lucky enough to be filled with it all day.

Other days I forget… my brain and body direct me away from it…but at night…my soul always brings me back.


*This post brought to you by Smiley Melly and the letter "Z"

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