Oh Memories!

You know those places from your childhood where your favourite family memories took place? Places like your cottage, trailer, bungalow, campground or beach?

Those places you went annually that you couldn’t wait to get to because it was like another world. Everyone who goes there goes every year and you all know each other and it’s like a big reunion every time. You may not have seen each other since last summer, but when you go back it’s like the winter never took place; you start up right where you left off.
It’s the place you were allowed to stay up past your bedtime, and eat things you were never allowed at home (like marshmallows before bed).

I remember being in this place and thinking to myself that this is what life is all about. Why couldn’t we just stay all year? Then I think about how I know I wouldn’t appreciate it the same way if I was there all the time. Eventually people would get on each other’s nerves, staying up late and getting up early would wear us out and we would definitely not be very healthy from all the ‘smores!

An escape from the everyday is important though. We need to make sure we do this sometimes, even if it’s just a nice walk in the park. Time to be with nature, with our thoughts, and time with true friends. This gives us just the smallest glimpse of heaven so we can keep our eyes focused on getting there!

We should all try to find those moments when we just want to yell "LIFE IS GOOD!"

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