Tough Times Continued

After putting up the last post, I had a very interesting comment about it. My mom pointed out to me that actually, maybe to other people, a lot of bad things have happened in my life. I lost both my grandmothers when I was young. I remember saying bye to both of them. I moved several times during my childhood including moving away a week after prom and missing that last summer with my high school friends. I remember so many other occasions where at the time I was heartbroken, saddened, frustrated or just plain beaten down.

What sticks with me is not those feelings though. What I remember most about my grandmother passing away was the feeling of complete love for her that filled the room at her funeral. The joining of hearts in the sorrow of losing her.

The summer I moved away I remember most getting to spend the summer at the beach with my sisters just hanging out the three of us for the last extended chunk of time we would get while we were young and carefree. It was a gift.

That is not to say I always felt that way during these tough times, but the good feeling are the ones I choose to hold on to. I ask “How did good come from that situation?” and hold on to that thought instead. As my mom explains it, the tough times are the times we are meant to learn lessons. When we learn those lessons then the tough times become times of growth.

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