Wedding Wednesday!

I get to go home tomorrow to see my family and do a crazy amount of wedding planning in 5 days. This is on top of work I plan to get done for the office! It will be days of no sleep and lots of squeals, but i can't wait! Things on the to-do list: Venue, Photographer, Decorator?, Dresses... I say decorator with a question mark because decorations are one of the things I'm most looking forward to...then again... I certainly don't want to be running around the day of the wedding and setting everything up...

In the whirlwind of it all, I remind myself daily that marrying the love of my life is the most important part of it all and that I am so lucky that I will be able to share that with all my friends and family. It will be a crazy and emotional day, especially since I'm the first daughter AND granddaughter to get married (on both sides!), but I can already feel everyone's excitement.

And now I'm excited about wedding dress shopping again! (I mean marriage...)

(I know it's not Wednesday...I forgot to post this yesterday...please overlook that...)


  1. just found your blog, i know this is an old post but wanted ot say hi anyway!


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