My Inspiration

When it comes to the question of what inspires me I could list several things.

  • My hubby
  • My family
  • Smiling people
  • Sunshine, lemonade and a good book
  • A challenge
...just to name a few.

What I'm really talking about here though is some inspiration for decorating our new condo.

I've been spending most of my free time looking for decorating inspiration since we will essentially have a blank slate. The following are some ideas I'm toying with working on when we move.

Take the door off our linen closet
After seeing it on this post at Young House Love I knew that we would have to do the same! Look how nice and functional it is.

Photo from
Get plain glass jars and frost them

I first saw this idea at Centsational Girl  and just love it. Her post here just made me want to go frosting crazy. So now I need to start collecting some plain glass jars for my first victims.

Photo from
Frame the TV

This might sound crazy, but I saw this at Brooklyn Limestone and just loved it! Take a look at the picture below and the post I saw it in here. Considering the size of TV Jetty wants to buy, this could be a tricky one to pull off, but I still want to try!

Step 1: Buy flat screen TV...

Photo from
Add a pop of yellow

While looking at 3 Men and a Lady I just fell in love with their master bedroom.While I do think ours will have a bit less grey I just love the idea of adding a bit of yellow.
Photo from

Make a sunburst mirror

Michelle at 3 Men and a Lady did a great tutorial on how to make one (you can see it above the bed on the picture above). You can find the tutorial here.

What I really want to do though is take the tutorial she provided and pair it with some ideas of my own to make this lovely piece below which I saw on (you can see it in the archives here).

Photo from
I figure that I could find a round mirror and add the "skewers" as shown in the tutorial and pair it with the little mirrors that are already in our apartment which you can kind of see in the picture from this post.

Those are just a few things I want to try. I know there are and will be so many more. I am super excited to get started!

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