Happy Reassurance

Jetty and I had a great weekend this past weekend. We went for a gorgeous walk in Irishtown Nature Park.
Not ones to take ourselves too seriously I thought it would be funny to get us doing a happy happy jump as we walked down the path... we tried to capture this way too many times... it's shameful. Here's the best ones we got:

It was so nice to just stroll and take in nature. We went on the walk with my parents and it was just beautiful and peaceful. Nature is just so glorious that I can't help feeling closer to God when I am just immersed in it. I think if you ever feel alone, frustrated or unsure, a walk in a pretty park will just bring peace, because it's a way to be surrounded by God's creations, and God is love, peace and all that is good.

If we wanted any more beautiful reassurances this past weekend we couldn't have asked for a more beautiful ride home. Living with such uncertainty about what the future will hold in terms of work and life for Jetty and I in Fredericton means sometimes needed to feel that assurance that we are looked after and that everything will be ok.



  1. Now this is a JOYful and inspiring post... these are the ones I love the best !!

  2. So good to hear! I will try to write them more often! Thanks =)

  3. Brian and Sharon ThompsonSeptember 23, 2010

    We feel the same way about getting out and enjoying all of Gods creation. So glad you were able to take that break and have some fun.

  4. Thanks Ma and Pa T! It was definitely very nice and peaceful. You will have to come check it out next time you are here!


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