Tasty and Healthy Snacks

As I said Jetty and I are organizing our lives more. That includes going to the gym more, eating healthier and I'm also creating a family binder to keep track of pretty much everything (stay tuned for fun updates that make me look like a big dork). 

We wanted to eat a bit more dried fruit and nuts as healthier snacks and, well, you know me. I couldn't just have them sitting around in bulk barn bags. Jetty laughed at the ridiculousness of moving the food from the Bulk Barn bag, to these jars to our containers for lunch, but I think it's much more fun!

I'm also thinking of labelling them using the fun tags I made for the lemon, lime water and orange juice from the brunch I made. Thoughts?

How do you store your snacks?

*Jars are from Dollarama!


  1. Yes, make it look good and show us your family book ya big dork! ;-) You make me wish I could time-travel - go back and do it better [in a more organized fashion!] - it's very inspiring to come here Melanie!

  2. I like putting everything in nice glass jars too :). It makes the pantry look so much more organized and prettier!

  3. Thank you ladies! So glad I inspire! I agree- glass jars are key! =)


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