A Peek at the Past

Many of you know that Jetty and I knew each other in high school. We even briefly dated at the time. We then went our separate ways and dated other people. We did stay friends though - we even snagged a picture together at prom!

Jetty and Melanie circa 2004

Someday I will write out our love story because I think it's pretty special and a glimpse at how awesome God is, and the power of trusting in his perfect timing. *

I've been doing a LOT of organizing and cleaning lately to prepare for baby. Hopefully soon I will be sharing some of the outcomes and how the "nursery" is looking, but until then I have something else to share.

I found a letter I wrote to Jetty in University and while I can't share it all, the following is a snippet:

(I was talking about how we don't always know God's plan and from there I jumped into what God "might" have planned.)

...Plus maybe He's [God's] saying "This worked out perfectly! They are still good friends, they weren't too heartbroken being apart for school etc. and this way they'll stay good friends no matter who the other dates, and they'll stay close until they meet up again in several years & live happily ever after."
Maybe that's not the case either, but the point is you and I don't know how things are going to turn out...

We didn't know back then but the idea had occurred to us! Between this letter and the time we reconnected a few years ago a LOT happened including years of us not speaking at all so the letter was in no way a clear or simple prediction. I didn't even remember writing it, but I guess some small part of me had considered it.

Have you noticed God's perfect timing in your life lately? Have you tried to work by your own timing and run into problems?

*Update: You can read our love story starting here.



  1. Oh Mel this is so sweet! I love the prom picture. Mike and I have known each other since middle school - 1998! We always liked each other but never dated, and totally lost touch through college. God's plan worked out perfectly for us though, as we each moved back to our hometown just a year apart and found each other again. Someday I'll write about it :)

    1. Aww that's awesome! I cant wait until you write about it! So nice to hear that you are seeing God's plan working in your life. =) xo


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