Use What You Got

As I mentioned last week, I'm cleaning out the cupboards one at a time. I decided to tackle the spice and baking cupboard the other day. I wanted a really nice way to display our spices that don't fit in the spice rack we have so we could see them all. I also didn't want to spend any money. So I decided to use something we had on hand. Any idea what it is?

Yes, those are leftover pieces of hardwood floor. They were a perfect way to elevate some of the spices in the back!

The rest of the cupboard still needs some containers for the sugars and other bags, but it's much more organized than before.

Some other cupboards/drawers I've tackled:

Ideally I would like lots more storage containers and labels, but I want to work with what I have for now and find some good deals on what I need when I get everything organized and can take inventory.  Have you used anything unconventional to meet your needs lately? Any penny saving organization tips?


  1. I feel like your cupboards are just screaming for jars that are fogged!
    You should do it for your sugar, flour, etc! I think it would look uber cute! :)

    1. They SO are! Trying to collect some glass ones or find them cheap to do just that! Keep an eye out ;)

    2. I will for sure, I will let you know if I find any!


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