The Easiest Gallery Wall Installation EVER

You may remember this post where I talked about our beautiful gallery wall creation. You can hear all about how I made it there, but today I tell you all about the immense ease we had in putting it up in our new place.

3M Velcro Tabs are my new best friend.

Step 1: Get a small helper.

Step 2: Attach 3M Velcro tabs to the back of the frame (we opted for on the top and bottom so white wouldn't show on the sides). I also cut them in half so it was only half a tab for each side. Both economical and it fit better.

It took us about 10 mins to put the first 8 frames up.
Step 3: Use a level and put up the top corner frame exactly where you want and press into the wall.

Step 4: Then use the level to create the gap between each frame (if you wanted a larger gap consider adding a spacer to the level) and also use a straight edge to ensure the frame matches up in the other direction. Jetty is demonstrating above, but this was a two man job with me holding the level and ruler and Jetty pressing the frame onto the wall. Continue until all frames are up.

Step 5: Admire your handiwork.
You may need more than one Velcro tab for each frame, but for us one worked just fine.
SO much easier than last time with the mismatched hook locations and multiple holes in the wall. Not to mention we ended up using Velcro tabs with the hooks anyway. The other great thing is that they are easy to readjust if you have them in the correct general area. Also we can easily take the frames down and move them since Velcro is less than permanent. If we ever decide to move this gallery wall again we won't even need to replace the Velcro on the back of the frames. 

I am loving seeing this familiar sight on our walls now! Has anyone tried this before?


  1. I love your gallery wall and using the 3m velcro is genius! I'll definitely be using it next time too :)

    1. Thanks so much! It made things so much easier!


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