Upstairs Bathroom Update

So I've been working on our upstairs bathroom a bit lately. Everything from the bathroom in our condo was blues and really light green. The walls in our bathroom in our house are sage and I didn't really think they worked with all the blue. Scratch that- it's a nice color combo but since there is no green in the shower curtain or any of our blue things it looked disjointed to me. Instead I thought that our bathroom colors could be something like the following bridesmaid picture:

So far we still have lots of blue in there, (I've actually already swapped out the shower curtain so I will share that soon!) but I wanted to give you a peek of what we are working with to see if you have any thoughts/ideas!

Lots still left to do in there:

Move that toilet paper roll? (Weirdest placement)
Swap out the blue
New bath mat
Something for the wall?
Organize counter space
New toothbrush holder
New shower curtain

Any ideas you have?



  1. Definitely move the toilet paper holder! Can anyone even reach that?

    1. I know right? Wow... going to work on that!

  2. Hey Melanie! I'm with Amanda - who could reach that toilet paper holder!? I wonder if it could be used as a hand towel holder and you could therefore not have to remove and repair the wall where it was. Just get another toilet paper holder - one that looks different from that one ;-)

    1. Hmm good idea! Hand towel holder would be quite perfect there!

  3. Brian aka Papa TAugust 09, 2012

    I would add a cabinet over the toilet to keep things up out of Elias's reach. Matching wood or contrasting painted one would be nice.
    Papa T

  4. I agree with Papa T - I think one of those organizer units with nice doors would look great there.

    Also - we just redid our little washroom and we sanded and painted our wood cabinets - it made a WORLD of difference. I don't know if you're looking to do that much work on it - but it's just a thought!

    1. Ooo- I would love it- just need to paint all the other furniture I had planned first...oye!

  5. place the toilet paper a little bit closer..i love your bathroom its pretty simple but its very well organized



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