Henry One Month

My second little boy is a month old! I can't believe it! This first month has been filled with adjusting to life as a family of four and, Henry, you just fit in so beautifully!

Your big brother adores you and kisses and hugs you every chance he can. When you cry he says "It's ok Henry, I'm here!" 

You love to be cuddled and held and I just love my snuggles with you. You are growing so fast and I can tell you will be a big boy! You have already grown out of many of your 3 month sized clothes! We have seen a few gas smiles and you have the sweetest smile! 

Even though you aren't quite sleeping well very consistently I find I'm soaking in these newborn moments. They really did go by so fast with Elias and we were back to sleeping normal nights again.

Getting to know you has been a great blessing so far and I'm looking forward to all month number two has in store!

I'm trying something different for Henry's monthly photos- we will see how they all turn out together! 

I'm hoping to share his birth story and an Elias video later this week! 

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